About us

Hi I am Ndekafashion,

Ndekafashionn, the Swedish young entrepreneur, began his career in the world of entertainment and fashion. She has always been in love with the sea and the sun, which is why she started her own clothes, dress, lingerie-bikini collection.

Ndekafashion designed its line this summer & amp; winter 2020 in Mykonos, inspired by the sea and the sunny warm days, where she wants to bring innovation and elegance to an item that is considered almost a garment, not only to wear on the beach, but also under dress jeans and as a top .

Bikinis today play an important role in every womanhood all year round. Her main goal is to make every girl / woman feel beautiful and sexy, but mainly maintain her Swedish origins through her collections. These bikinis are actually made in Swedish with Swedish products. Sweden is synonymous with beauty, warm and friendly people, fashion and classic women and men, and that's what Ndekafashion wants you to feel when you wear her pieces, also to be a part of her country.

CVR-NO: 41376082
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